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Ohio State Welcome Leader (OWL)

Ohio State Welcome Leaders (OWLs) are an essential part of the move-in process at The Ohio State University.  Every year we recruit hundreds of OWLs to move-in early and prepare their residence halls and build community.  This is an exclusive opportunity to interact with other student leaders and welcome outstanding students to campus.

Are you interested in being part of the excitement of Move In Day 2017?  If so, you may want to consider becoming an OWL!  We encourage you to submit an application if you do not already have plans to return to campus for another early arrival program.  The OWL program is a great way for students to become part of the OSU Family and get a jump start into Autumn Semester!

Why should you become an OWL?

  • Meet new people
  • Move in before your roommates
  • Build lasting relationships
  • Free T-Shirt!

What you’ll be doing:  OWLs will arrive to campus on the Thursday prior to move-in so they can participate in activities the two days prior to move-in.  Thursday and Friday will consist of events that will allow OWLs to build a sense of community, familiarize themselves with campus, and prepare for the excitement of Move In Day!  On Saturday, OWLs will greet students and families and help to transport student belongings into residence halls.

The OWL application is available to any 2016 or 2017 High School Graduate student who will live on campus at the Columbus campus for the 2017-2018 academic year.  Apply Online through June 30, 2017


OWL Coordinator Information: 

The Ohio State Welcome Leader (OWL) Program is essential to making the move-in process for students and families an incredible success! Students who volunteer as OWLs have the opportunity to move-in early, participate in leadership development, build a sense of community, familiarize themselves with campus, and prepare for the excitement of Move In Day! OWL Coordinators (OWL-Cs) are student leaders who supervise the OWLS. Notably, each OWL-C leads their own flock of 12-17 OWLs. 

As an OWL-C, you have the opportunity to further your leadership skills and directly manage a flock of OWLs on Move-In Day. OWL-Cs are integral to the move-in process, and University Housing is seeking innovative student leaders to serve in this position! OWL-Cs will arrive before the OWLs move-in, and will participate in training sessions, planning programs, and help prepare their residence hall for opening and building community. This is an excellent opportunity to interact with other student leaders, and welcome outstanding students to campus! 


*You must have lived on-campus for at least one semester.  

*You must be living on-campus during Autumn Semester 2017. 

Note: No previous experience with the OWL program is required. 

If your application proceeds through to the interview round, you will be contacted to sign up for an interview slot. Interviews will be conducted in a group setting on Sunday, April 2nd from 12-5pm. Check in will be in Houston House. 

OWL-Cs will move back to campus for training on Monday, August 14th. 

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Brittany Lynner ( 

DEADLINE TO APPLY IS Sunday, March 26th at 11:59pm. 

To apply, please go to