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Resident Advisors (RAs)

Resident Advisors (RAs)

Resident Advisors are peer leaders who supervise others living in our residence halls. They are often the first resource for others with academic, institutional, or personal questions. RAs have diverse responsibilities; virtually all are tied to developing community and engaging with students to create an extraordinary experience for them at Ohio State.

RAs are trained in tools for engaging in difficult conversations/facilitating conflict mediation, as well as ways to grow critical thinking and problem solving skills.

What current and former RAs have to say about their experiences!

The Resident Advisor position developed my interpersonal skills, ability to manage emergencies calmly, and achieving work-life balance that interviewers see the value in as a candidate, and my now employers as an employee and graduate student. I believe the skills I learned and developed during my time in Residence Life played a huge part in developing my character and work ethic, earning me opportunities both within and outside my career field I may not have had otherwise.

-Amy Sharn, MS Human Nutrition Candidate, The Ohio State University College of Education & Human Ecology

Being a RA has prepared me for life after graduation in so many ways. I have referenced some aspect of the RA position in every job and medical school interview. The position is highly interpersonal, captivating, and rewarding. Many people do not get the opportunity to meet such a diverse group of people or practice professionalism during their time in college. The experience really prepares you for the real world

-Vivian Wang, Program Assistant at the OSU Comprehensive Cancer Center

I think one of the most important things that I gained from the RA position was a much greater appreciation for others' perspectives. From residents to co-workers, I heard all different approaches to issues, ideas, and life in general. It's really helped me open my eyes and see the world with a broader scope and a deeper understanding. Consequently, it has also given me the motivation to seek out more answers and perspectives so that I can continue to grow my understanding of people.

-Austin Edsall, RM Drackett Tower

New RA Hiring

The new RA application is closed for the 2019-2020 academic year!  Please check back again in late summer 2019 semester to learn more about the next hiring process.

All candidates must maintain a 2.5 semester and cumulative G.P.A. through the entire hiring process and their time as a Resident Advisor.

RAs must be enrolled as full time students during their terms of employment and be in good standing with the university. As well, RAs must have completed 24 credit hours prior to starting the role, and be a second year or beyond student at the university.

You should be aware of the following training requirements and dates before applying. If you are selected to be a RA, you will need to plan your travels around these dates. Note that training dates are subject to change: RA Fall Training will likely begin Sunday August 4th, 2019.

All fall-term RAs are required to attend all of Fall Training, help with the OWL program and Move-In, and help with Ohio State’s Move- In process. If you anticipate having a conflict with fall training (such as fall-sport athletes, trip leaders), you should contact Diana Berry ( prior to applying for a position for questions.

Training is important (and required) because:

  • You will learn to do your job.
  • You will have an opportunity to practice and prepare for dealing with some of the more difficult aspects of the RA position.
  • You will work with other RAs to develop as a team and get to know each other well.
  • Your residence hall team will develop group norms and expectations and plan for the term.
  • You will prepare your floor and building for resident arrival.
  • You will help with first-year orientation (even if you do not have first-year students).
  • Early Return residents will already be living on your floor - you will be their RA!

If you have any questions about the RA process please contact: