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Resident Managers (RMs)

The Resident Manager (RM) position is a leadership role that represents the office staff in most of the residential building and/or complex. The position requires all applicants to have completed at least 2 semesters as an Office Assistant or as a Resident Advisor prior to serving as a Resident Manager.

The RM assumes the leadership of the front office desk operations including assisting with hiring, training and staff development of student Office Assistants. Successful Resident Managers are expected to demonstrate effective communication and administrative skills, leadership potential, an appreciation for differing viewpoints and an ability to be sensitive to the needs of all students.

Job Description:

  • Manage at least one 24-hour front office which serves the residents and guests of the building/complex
  • Hire, train, and supervise 10-20 Office Assistants
  • Ensure quality customer service in the office area
  • Provide assistance to student and higher-level University Housing staff
  • Serve as a liaison between University Residences and Housing Services through providing up-to-date information regarding building vacancies, room changes, key problems, and other residence hall-related issues
  • Ensure the office runs efficiently and effectively to provide general services to students (i.e. trash bags, vacuum cleaners, cleaning supplies, etc.)
  • Ensure that the front desk area, including hall lobbies and public spaces are well-decorated to feel more like home to residents
  • Maintains high level of security with respect to building/complex safety through 24-hour surveillance of guests to the building and emergency safety equipment
  • Serve as a leader on the paraprofessional staff team to foster collaborative and healthy staff relationships
  • Schedule student Office Assistants to work shifts at the residence hall desk

What the students in the RM role had to say about the job:

The best part of the RM job has been seeing the impact that the Office Assistant position has on my staff. Watching them grow in their role and move up through Residence Life is so very rewarding. – Nathan Grine, Resident Manager; Bowen House

Working as an RM gives you the unique and invaluable opportunity to become a better leader while helping dozens of other students find their own leadership potential. The position has taught me how to effectively lead a team and empower that team to become better versions of themselves. I’ve seen students gain confidence and find purpose here at Ohio State through meaningful interactions at the front desk. The best part of the job is seeing students find their sense of belonging and purpose on campus. As an RM, I take advantage of many campus resources and encourage my students to do so as well. I want the position to be something more than clocking in and clocking out. I want them to learn about professional development opportunities and ways to become socially aware in our community and beyond. I’ve grown into someone who is able to lead a team and have meaningful conversations without shying away from difficult topics. The skills I’ve learned as an RM give me a unique advantage to know what it means to effectively supervise others and learn how to support a team. There is no other student position as professionally advantageous as this one.  – Morgan Von Holle, Resident Manager, Busch-Halloran Complex

Details about the Process

All applicants are required to have and maintain a 2.5 G.P.A. during the Resident Manager hiring process, this includes at the time of application, as well during their entire hiring process and term of employment. Candidates must also have completed 24 credit hours prior to assuming the role of Resident Manager. (First-year students may apply, however your G.P.A. must be a 2.5 at the end of fall semester in order to remain in the process. Transfer students seeking to apply can provide a copy of their most recent transcript to show their G.P.A prior to their arrival at Ohio State.)

Hired candidates, including alternates, will be required to take a 1 credit hour course during 2nd term of spring semester. If this 1 credit hour course puts you above the 18 credit limit, then you, the candidate, are responsible to pay for the overage.

The Resident Manager Application process for the 2021-2022 academic year will open on November 2nd, 2020. The application will close on Sunday November 22nd at 11:59pm.  Complete an online application by visiting

We will also be hosting Q & A sessions via zoom on the following dates. All candidates will need to sign in with their OSU credentials for the Q & A sessions.

Wednesday October 28that 7pm (EST)

  • Meeting Information
  • Meeting ID: 972 3620 9712
  • Password: 453105

Monday November 9th at 4pm (EST) 

  • Meeting Information
  • Meeting ID: 972 3620 9712
  • Password: 453105

You should be aware of the following training requirements and dates before applying. If you are selected to be a RM, you will need to plan your travels around these dates. Note that training dates are subject to change. 

RM Fall Training will likely begin Sunday August 1, 2021. Each year, RM training begins about 3 weeks prior to student move-in.

All RMs are required to attend all of Fall Training, and help Ohio State's move in-processes. If you anticipate having a conflict with fall training (such as fall-sport athletes, trip leaders), you should contact Diana Berry ( prior to applying for a position.

If you have any questions about the RM process, please contact:

For more information about the RM role and the application process please view our pre-recorded RM Informational session here: