Creating the Extraordinary Student Experience: Office of Student Life


Veteran’s House Community Advisor

The Veteran’s House CA is an undergraduate, non-traditional or graduate student who contributes to the overall operation, student personnel, residential programs and administration of the Veteran’s House. Specifically the CA will create a supportive and welcoming environment for Veterans by building community and fostering relationships within the house, connecting residents to on-campus resources, providing academic, programmatic and career development opportunities. The CA will also aid in the transition process of Veterans and assist in their acclimation to the University. Daily operation of the Veteran’s House includes monitoring housekeeping, maintenance, and other management service needs. The Veteran’s House CA will serve as a liaison and representative to the University and outside constituents as well as represent the Veteran’s House at University events and Veteran functions.

The Veteran’s House CA application is now closed.

If you applied for our vacant positon, please know that we will review applications and materials, and being contacting candidates as soon as we can for interviews.