Creating the Extraordinary Student Experience: Office of Student Life

  • Taking care of one another is a cornerstone of community living. Taking care of one another is a cornerstone of community living.


Residential Living Handbook & Code of Student Conduct

In addition to the Contract Terms and Conditions, which outlines contractual requirements, there are other established guidelines to help students live together successfully.

We encourage students to download and review The Residential Living Handbook before arriving on campus, as it provides:

  • strategies for a safe and secure environment
  • a guide to residence hall policies
  • campus resources

In addition, The Ohio State University details student rights and responsibilities, as well as disciplinary sanctions in the Code of Student Conduct.

A Note on Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Social Responibility are at the cornerstone of community life at The Ohio State University.  University Housing defines diversity as an inclusive mixture of all the difference that make individuals at Ohio State unique.  Further, social responsibility encourages individuals to not only think about how they act, but also the impact of those actions on others.  Through opportunities for critical thinking, social interactions and discussion within our residence halls and larger university communities our goal is to empower students, staff, faculty and friends to learn from the wide array of human similarities and differences in an increasingly interconnected world.

Through the pursuit of the following goals, we intend to facilitiate personal development and to create positive experiences for all those who are part of Ohio State University residence hall communities:

  • Increase sensitivity to differences through shared experiences, dialogue , and personal reflection

  • Encourage students to address thoughtlessness that may impact the campus climate and the student experience
  • Actively develop communities that are committed to diversity and inclusion
  • Support and empower students who experience bias and desicrimination