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  • Click on the logo above for six easy tips for how to “Be a Green Buckeye” Click on the logo above for six easy tips for how to “Be a Green Buckeye”

Be a Green Buckeye

Check out some of our eco-friendly programs:

  • Recycle smart, avoid contamination! Recycling at Ohio State is single stream (also referred to as co-mingled), meaning that all recyclables are placed in the same bin. Trash still needs to be placed in a different container!
  • Move-out item collection in the residence halls. Collecting clothing, shoes, small household items, and non-perishable food items at the end of the school year, as a partnership with Students for Recycling, Goodwill Columbus and Buckeye Food Alliance, helps us divert large volumes of waste!
  • 24 LEED building projects fully complete and officially certified.
  • In 2013, Ohio State installed more than 400 geothermal wells to heat and cool south campus residence halls more efficiently. The system provides about 60 percent of the heating and 30 percent of the cooling needs of south campus residence halls.
  • 22 CABS buses have been converted to compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel with long-term plans to transition all university buses and other fleet vehicles to alternative fuel models.

Top ten easy ways to Be a Green Buckeye:

  • Look for the Energy Star label when purchasing products
  • Use the cold water setting on your washer to use less energy
  • Consider joining one of Ohio State’s many sustainability related organizations
  • Consider walking or bicycling while traveling on campus
  • Recycle all bottle-shaped plastics, metal cans, paper and glass jars.
  • Utilize reusable bags and beverage containers
  • Plug electronics into a power strip and utilize the turn-on/turn-off option to help conserve energy
  • Open window shades to allow natural light in and reduce the need to turn on the lights
  • Close window shades and drapes after the sun goes down to help improve insulation and prevent heat loss
  • Power off all devices when not in use

Green Buckeye Resources