How to Apply-Non-Required Columbus Students

 1. Read the Terms and Conditions and Undergraduate Addendum

Read and understand the Terms and Conditions and the Undergraduate Addendum of the contract you are about to acknowledge online. The contract is a legally binding document that remains in effect for the entire academic year. If you have questions, call us at (614) 292-8266 before accessing the online housing contract.

 2Fully complete the Contract

Before you access and complete all the steps, read this website carefully and understand the contract obligations as well as the fees and due dates. 

If you need assistance with logging into the reselection portal please email us at

 3. Space Reservation Fee

A $300 contract space reservation fee will be billed to your student account when you submit your housing contract and will be held pending on-campus residence during Spring Semester, 2025.  If you currently live in University Housing, your current space reservation fee will be used to pay this fee.  If you currently live off-campus, you should plan to pay this fee as well as the $50 filing fee (charged when a student completes their first on campus housing contract) via your University account no later than March 15, 2024.

 4. Deadline for Reservations/Cancellations

Due to space limitations, late contracts will not be accepted after the February 26, 2024 deadline.  The deadline to cancel your room reservation is March 15, 2024; NO exceptions will be made.  Cancellations can be submitted in writing or via email.


Next Steps:

Roommate Groups: After spring break those who completed the housing renewal/reselection of their housing contract by the deadline will be emailed and have the opportunity to create and verify a roommate group.  You also have the opportunity to search for roommates from other students who renewed/reselected their housing contract.  Roommate group size limit is 4 people

Room Select: In early April students will be sent their random timeslot where based on when your timeslot opens you will be able to go out and select a room based on what is still available.

After Room Select Closes: When room select closes for everyone we will shortly after email preliminary housing assignments with roommate contact information.  Also at that time the preliminary room change request will open if you wish to put in a change to your housing assignment.


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