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Learning Communities:

Where you’ll live in a supportive “neighborhood” of friends and advisors.

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Learning Communities:

Making a large University into a small community

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Learning Communities:

Making a large University into a small community

Living Environments



Additional living environments you may wish to consider:

  • Academic-Year  If you want to remain living in a residence hall between autumn and spring semester and over spring break, request this option.  There is an additional charge of $125 per year, and preference is given to international and out-of-state students. Includes Bowen, Bradley, Gateway, Houck, Houston, Jones, Lawrence, Mendoza, Morrill, Morrison, Neil, Norton, Park-Stradley, Paterson, Raney, Residence on 10th, Scott, Siebert, Taylor and Worthington.
  • Cooperative Scholarship Housing
    • Alumnae Scholarship Housing: The Alumnae Scholarship Housing (ASH) program has offered a unique, cooperative-living and low-cost housing option for undergraduate women at the Ohio State University for more than 75 years.  ASH aims to connect students with a variety of resources on campus to further grow and develop academically and personally. Additionally, ASH participants engage in regular community-driven opportunities that drive a cooperative spirit throughout a woman's ASH experience.  The program consists of 48 women and is housed in Fechko, Hanley and Pomerene houses.
    • Stadium Scholarship Program: The Stadium Scholarship Program (SSP) is part of the William H. Hall Student Residential Complex, housed in Scholars East and Scholars West. SSP, originally housed in the west side of Ohio Stadium, serves as a premiere cooperative living program at Ohio State. SSP has provided housing scholarships for students who demonstrate both high academic ability and financial need for over 80 years. Students participating in the program engage in a variety of activities, leadership opportunities, service projects and the cooperative work program.
  • Gender Inclusive Housing Student Life Housing and Residence Education supports the academic and social success of all its residents and is committed to providing spaces for students to feel at home.  One of the ways this goal is acheived is by offering a wide range of on-campus housing options.  In order to provide support for the needs of current and incoming students, gender-inclusive housing options are available.  The number of gender-inclusive rooms on campus is based on student demand.  Our Gender-Inclusive Environments are units clustered together within the building to promote community.  There are currently 2 Gender-Inclusive Environments on campus.  Paterson Hall: Housing Rate II and Houston House: Housing rate I.  In addition to these environments, we offer a gender-inclusive living experience in individual rooms on floors across campus in many of our residence halls.

  • Honors Housing Honors Housing works collaboratively with the Hon­ors & Scholars to create a holistic “Honors experience.”  Students, through active involvement, are encouraged to develop lead­ership, social and cultural skills to complement the learning objectives of their Honors curriculum. Honors housing is available in Bradley, Lincoln (freshman only) and Taylor.

 Residential Initiatives

  • MUNDO (Multicultural Understanding through Non-traditional Discovery Opportunities) An organization that allows students to learn how to make a positive difference in the world around them.  Sharing of new ideas, perspectives and viewpoints are encouraged through educational road trips, movie nights, cultural events, study abroad, faculty interaction, volunteer opportunities and current issues discussions.  MUNDO is for all students interested in meeting, engaging and learning with others through community-based service, experiential "hands-on" learning and multicultural leadership.



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