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Housing FAQs

July 31, 2020

Information as of August 7, 2020. Please check back regularly for updates as information is subject to change.

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Student Life FAQs

What will the Move-In process look like?

The student Move-In process will occur over a period of 12 days leading up to the first day of the autumn semester. Residence hall openings will be staggered over this period. Students will schedule a move-in date and time to ensure a limited number of students move onto each floor of each building at a time (a maximum of eight per building per one-hour period), with the goal of facilitating physical distancing throughout the entire Move-In process. We will also limit move-in times for buildings in close proximity to each other to facilitate physical distancing and better manage traffic flow. Scheduled move-in time blocks will occur from August 12 to August 23, although not all buildings will be available for move-in on each of these dates. 

  • Students are asked to limit the number of people assisting them with Move-In to 1-2 people. Students and those helping them move will be asked to wear face masks, unless not advisable for health reasons, as well as perform temperature and COVID-19 symptom self-assessments before arriving on campus. As we learn more about COVID-19, these guidelines and expectations may be adjusted. 
  • Moving carts will be provided to students to assist with Move-In; staff will sanitize carts after each use.   
  • A limited number of Move-In volunteers will be on-site to direct traffic and answer questions but will not assist students with moving belongings.      

Can I loft my bed?

The bed loft request portal is now closed. If you wish to have your bed adjusted, please wait until you move into your residence hall and submit a work order request via Please note that not all options are available in every building. Bed loft requests may take at least a week to complete. 

Will there be a reduction in costs for housing and meal plans since courses will be virtual after Thanksgiving and there is less time on campus this year?

University housing (excluding graduate/professional/family housing) and dining operations on all campuses will close at the end of the day on Wednesday, November 25, after which time classes will be completed in a virtual format. (There will be an exception process to offer housing to students with an ongoing, qualified need.) Associated housing and dining charges have been adjusted to reflect the abbreviated on-campus schedule for autumn 2020. Note: Changes in housing assignments and/or dining plans may impact your Statement of Account.

What happens if a student becomes ill during the semester and leaves the residence hall to come home due to COVID?

If a student has to leave campus for medical purposes, they can cancel their housing contract and receive a prorated refund. The cancelation must happen prior to October 31, 2020. 

What happens if residence halls are ordered to close again per COVID state or university mandate?

In the event that the university needs to change the mode of instruction during the semester in response to the COVID-19 pandemic or other factors, Ohio State will not provide refunds of tuition and fees. Students who satisfactorily fulfill course requirements this semester will receive full academic credit. The university may provide partial refunds of housing and dining costs in the event the university requires students to move out of the residence halls earlier than the official move-out date for the semester. BuckID funds and Dining Dollars would be rolled over.

Will students from other residence halls be permitted into my residence hall after move-in? 

No. For the health and safety of our university community, visitors (anyone living outside of a student’s specific residential community) will not be permitted after student move-in. Overnight guests are also prohibited. 

Will students no longer have swipe access into every residence hall during the day? 

Students will no longer have swipe access to every residence hall. For the health and safety of our university community, visitors (anyone living outside of a student’s specific residential community) will not be permitted after student move-in. Overnight guests are also prohibited. 

Will family members be allowed into my residence hall if I let them in? 

No. For the health and safety of our university community, visitors (anyone living outside of a student’s specific residential community) will not be permitted after student move-in. Overnight guests are also prohibited. Parents and families can meet and visit with their student outside of the building in one of the outdoor spaces around campus. 

Will students be allowed into the residence hall that is the main hub for their scholar's program even though I will not be living there? 

No. For the health and safety of our university community, visitors (anyone living outside of a student’s specific residential community) will not be permitted after student move-in. It is recommended that scholars programs host events in spaces that can be accessed by all members of their community. Any on-campus events must follow the local, state and federal health and safety guidelines, including wearing masks, physical distancing and washing hands frequently. 

Can students leave campus to visit family or others or are they required to stay on campus throughout the whole semester? 

While students can leave campus, the university recommends they stay the entire term in order to promote the health and safety of our community.  

Will I be notified if someone in my hall/on my floor tests positive for COVID? 

Students will not be notified if someone in their residence hall tests positive for COVID-19, but they may be contacted by the contact tracing team. Providing this information is a violation of a person’s privacy and this information is protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and other laws. 

Am I allowed to see and be with people from different residence halls who are still on campus in my free time? 

Yes, students can visit with students from other residence halls at open spaces around campus while following health and safety guidelines, including physical distancing and wearing a mask.   

Will quarantine and isolation housing cost extra? 

If a student with a housing contract needs to quarantine or isolate, at this time there would not be an additional cost as we would look to utilize one of the spaces we have identified for this purpose. 

Quarantine and Isolation FAQs

Will The Blackwell be used for student housing? 

The Ohio State University announced the plan for students to return to campus this autumn semester while creating and maintaining a safe environment for the university community. A university transition task force composed of university leaders, medical professionals and public health experts worked extensively to identify opportunities to provide a safe and healthy experience for students returning to campus. Repurposing The Blackwell as resident accommodations for autumn 2020 is a part of that master plan. University and Blackwell staff continue to work in partnership and follow all guidelines and protocols set by state and federal agencies to ensure a safe and healthy buckeye experience while students reside at The Blackwell. 

Blackwell Housing FAQs 

What accommodations are being made to ensure students have study space in addition to their residence hall room? 

Study rooms and lounge spaces will be available in the residence halls. Students will also have access to academic buildings and other university buildings to use as study spaces. Students must follow health and safety guidelines, including wearing masks and physical distancing. 

Do parents/family members need to submit health checks prior to move in? 

Those who are helping move students into their residence halls are asked to monitor their health but do not need to submit a self-assessment. We ask that if you begin to experience COVID related symptoms you do not report to campus and have another family member help move your student in.

Can I still have my Service and Assistance Animal in the residence hall?

The university’s policies on Services and Assistance Animals, including Emotional Support Animals and animals-in-training, remain in place. You must update the emergency contact information you provided for your animal with University Housing to Alyssa Maldonado ( The contact must be able to pick up your animal within one day if you are unable to care for it. We recommend that you maintain 2-3 weeks of food in your room since the supply chain may be disrupted or you may need to self-isolate or quarantine. Read more.