Office of Student Life

Staff Assistance

We have many staff members who can ease your transition to Ohio State, point you in the right direction, and help you answer tough questions throughout the year.

Hall Directors

Hall Directors are full-time professional staff members with master's degrees in higher education. They are experts on collegiate life and can help you resolve concerns and are a resource on academic and extracurricular opportunities. Hall Directors work at an office near or behind the front desk of your hall, and they live either in your building or very close by.

Resident Advisors (RA) and Community Assistants (CA)

These are upperclass or graduate students; most halls have one on every floor. They will facilitate fun and educational activities for you to do with other people on your floor, inform you about university norms and expectations, and serve as a resource for you if you aren't sure where to go with a particular question.

Office Assistants

Office Assistants are students who work at the front desks of residence halls. They put mail in boxes, log and issue packages, check out cleaning supplies, and generally assist students who stop by the front desk.