Office of Student Life


Name Air Conditioning? Address Area
Archer House (limited availability) True 2130 Neil Avenue North
Baker Hall East 93 West 12th Avenue South
Baker Hall West 129 West 12th Avenue South
Barrett House True 88 W. Woodruff Avenue North
Blackburn House (limited availability) True 136 W. Woodruff Avenue North
Bowen House (limited availability) True 2125 N. High Street North
Bradley Hall 221 West 12th Avenue South
Busch House (limited availability) True 2115 N. High Street North
Canfield Hall 236 West 11th Avenue South
Drackett Tower True 191 W. Lane Avenue North
Fechko House True 220 West 11th Avenue South
German House True 141 West 11th Avenue South
Halloran House True 60 West Woodruff Avenue North
Hanley House True 225 West 10th Avenue South
Haverfield House True 112 W. Woodruff Avenue North
Houck House True 61 West Lane Avenue North
Houston House (limited availability) True 97 W. Lane Avenue North
Jones Tower (limited availability) True 123 W. Lane Avenue North
Lawrence Tower True 328 West Lane Avenue North
Lincoln Tower True 1810 Cannon Dr West
Mack Hall 1698 Neil Avenue South
Mendoza House (limited availability) 190 West Woodruff Ave. North
Morrill Tower True 1900 Cannon Drive West
Morrison Tower True 196 West 11th Ave. South
Neil Building (limited availability) True 1578 Neil Avenue South
Norton House True 2114 Neil Avenue North
Nosker House (limited availability) True 124 W. Woodruff Avenue North
Park-Stradley Hall (limited availability) True 120 W. 11th Avenue South
Paterson Hall 191 West 12th Ave. South
Pennsylvania Place True 1478 Pennsylvania Avenue South
Pomerene House True 231 West 10th Avenue South
Raney House (limited availability) True 33 W. Lane Avenue North
Scholars East True 221 West 10th Avenue South
Scholars West True 249 West 10th Avenue South
Scott House (limited availability) True 160 W. Woodruff Avenue North
Siebert Hall True 184 West 11th Ave. South
Smith-Steeb Hall (limited availability) True 80 West 11th Avenue South
Taylor Tower True 55 W. Lane Ave North
The Residence on Tenth (limited availability) True 230 West 10th Avenue South
Torres House (limited availability) True 187 W. Lane Avenue North
Veteran's House True n/a n/a
Worthington Building (limited availability) True 203 West 10th Avenue South

Wooster / ATI

Name Air Conditioning? Address Area
Apple Orchard Court True 1901 Apple Orchard Drive n/a
Franklin Court True 1901 Apple Orchard Drive n/a
Holly Court True 1901 Apple Orchard Drive n/a
Ruby Court True 1901 Apple Orchard Drive n/a


Name Air Conditioning? Address Area
Molyet Village Apartments True 1365 Springmill Road n/a


Name Air Conditioning? Address Area
McConnell Residence Hall True 1000 LeFevre Boulevard n/a
Newark Apartments True 600 & 800 LeFevre Boulevard n/a