Creating the Extraordinary Student Experience: Office of Student Life

Residence Halls


Name Air Conditioning? Address Area
Archer House 20-21 (limited availability) Check 2130 Neil Avenue North
Baker Hall East 20-21 93 West 12th Avenue South
Baker Hall West 20-21 129 West 12th Avenue South
Barrett House 20-21 Check 88 W. Woodruff Avenue North
Blackburn House 20-21 (limited availability) Check 136 W. Woodruff Avenue North
Bowen House 20-21 (limited availability) Check 2125 N. High Street North
Bradley Hall 20-21 221 West 12th Avenue South
Busch House 20-21 (limited availability) Check 2115 N. High Street North
Canfield Hall 20-21 236 West 11th Avenue South
Drackett Tower 20-21 Check 191 W. Lane Avenue North
Fechko House 20-21 Check 220 West 11th Avenue South
German House 20-21 Check 141 West 11th Avenue South
Halloran House 20-21 Check 60 West Woodruff Avenue North
Hanley House 20-21 Check 225 West 10th Avenue South
Haverfield House 20-21 Check 112 W. Woodruff Avenue North
Houck House 20-21 Check 61 West Lane Avenue North
Houston House 20-21 (limited availability) Check 97 W. Lane Avenue North
Jones Tower 20-21 (limited availability) Check 123 W. Lane Avenue North
Lawrence Tower 20-21 Check 328 West Lane Avenue North
Lincoln Tower 20-21 Check 1810 Cannon Dr West
Mack Hall 20-21 1698 Neil Avenue South
Mendoza House 20-21 (limited availability) 194 West Woodruff Ave. North
Morrill Tower 20-21 Check 1900 Cannon Drive West
Morrison Tower 20-21 Check 196 West 11th Ave. South
Neil Avenue 20-21 (limited availability) Check 1578 Neil Avenue South
Norton House 20-21 Check 2114 Neil Avenue North
Nosker House 20-21 (limited availability) Check 124 W. Woodruff Avenue North
Park-Stradley Hall 20-21 (limited availability) Check 120 W. 11th Avenue South
Paterson Hall 20-21 191 West 12th Ave. South
Pennsylvania Place 20-21 Check 1478 Pennsylvania Avenue South
Pomerene House 20-21 Check 231 West 10th Avenue South
Raney House 20-21 (limited availability) Check 33 W. Lane Avenue North
Scholars East 20-21 Check 221 West 10th Avenue South
Scholars West 20-21 Check 239 West 10th Avenue South
Scott House 20-21 (limited availability) Check 160 W. Woodruff Avenue North
Siebert Hall 20-21 Check 184 West 11th Ave. South
Smith-Steeb Hall 20-21 (limited availability) Check 80 West 11th Avenue South
Taylor Tower 20-21 Check 55 W. Lane Ave North
The Residence on Tenth 20-21 (limited availability) Check 230 West 10th Avenue South
Torres House 20-21 (limited availability) Check 187 W. Lane Avenue North
Veteran's House 20-21 Check n/a n/a
Worthington Building 20-21 (limited availability) Check 203 West 10th Avenue South

Wooster / ATI

Name Air Conditioning? Address Area
Apple Orchard Court 20-21 Check 1901 Apple Orchard Drive n/a
Franklin Court 20-21 Check 1901 Apple Orchard Drive n/a
Holly Court 20-21 Check 1901 Apple Orchard Drive n/a
Ruby Court 20-21 Check 1901 Apple Orchard Drive n/a


Name Air Conditioning? Address Area
Molyet Village Apartments 20-21 Check 1365 Springmill Road n/a


Name Air Conditioning? Address Area
McConnell Residence Hall 20-21 Check 929 Sharon Valley Road n/a
Newark Apartments 20-21 Check 929 Sharon Valley Road n/a