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Renters Insurance

Insuring Your Belongings

The university does not assume responsibility for any resident's, guest's, or other person's loss of money or valuables, or the loss of or damage to property, sustained on or about our premises. It also makes sense to protect personal belongings in the instance of fire, theft, floods or other unexpected events that may occur.

Many students may be covered under their parents' homeowners policy, but in some instances it is necessary to purchase renter‘s insurance.

We do not endorse a specific insurance company. To determine the best fit for your needs, conduct an inventory of what you are planning on bringing to college. Then, talk with your local insurance carrier or agent to determine what is covered and if additional coverage is necessary. Weigh the relatively inexpensive cost of renter's insurance versus a homeowner's policy claim, whether you may benefit in the future from having a history of maintaining property insurance now, and these helpful notes:

  • Policies are not very expensive: Depending on the coverage and deductible you may pay approximately $100 for a full year of coverage
  • If you have auto insurance, you may receive a multi-policy discount by using that company to cover your personal belongings with a renter's insurance policy.
  • When shopping for a policy that is right for you, consider the total replacement value of items at the university, as well as the deductible you choose (usually $250 or $500 per instance)
  • Jewelry and other property that is of very high value may be additional cost to insure (depending on the value of the item).

Renters Insurance

It is advisable to protect personal belongings in the instance of flood, fire, theft or other unexpected events that may occur in or around university housing.  OSU does not provide insurance coverage to student occupants and students/guests are responsible for their personal belongings and damages that result from either purposeful or accidental actions. 

In order to reduce the financial burden of replacing personal belongings after such unexpected events, residents are strongly encouraged to obtain appropriate coverage, including renter’s insurance.  OSU does not endorse any specific insurance company and recommends that you consult with your current insurance provider regarding appropriate coverage options, including renter’s insurance.