Creating the Extraordinary Student Experience: Office of Student Life


What To Bring

All regular residence halls are outfitted with the following:

  • Beds
  • Desk
  • Desk chair
  • Window covering
  • Trash can
  • Closet / Wardrobe unit
  • Refrigerator / Microwave unit with ice cube tray
  • Cable / Internet connection and service

We've provided a general list of what to bring to the right; consider consulting with your roommate(s) to avoid duplicates. Some other items you may want to consider:

University Housing Loft Information

Halls with OSU Owned Lofts (not the outside loft company)

  • Park-Stradley
  • Smith-Steeb
  • Siebert
  • Baker (East and West)
  • Mendoza
  • Jones (double rooms only in Jones)
  • There are a few in Morrison (rare cases)

Request to de-loft or loft can be made at


  • is the only company that is sanctioned by OSU to provide lofts for students in University Housing.
  • Because of concerns about potentially flammable materials used in most other lofts,OSU only allows lofts
  • also provides futons for sale to students in addition to loft rentals.
  • Any students in Quads on North or West will not be able to order lofts (lack of space)
  • Pre-ordered lofts will be installed in student rooms Friday 8/11 through Sunday 8/13.
  • Students may still order lofts when the company is on campus Monday 8/21 and Tuesday 8/22.
    • Monday, August 21st
      Morrison 2pm-7pm
      Morrill 2pm-4pm
      Jones 4:30pm-6:30pm
    • Tuesday, August 22nd
      Morrison 2pm-7pm
      Morrill 2pm-4pm
      Jones 4:30pm-6:30pm
  • They will be on campus (west of Morrison, Morrill and outside of Jones) on the Monday (8/21) and Tuesday (8/22) after move in for onsite sales/service issues.
  • Service issues can be directed to the company ( or1-866-651-LOFT(5638)

Please see the table below for hall specific information

Building/Complex Loft (Rental) Futon Only (Purchase)
Archer (Torres/Archer Complex) No Yes
Baker East No Yes
Baker West No Yes
Barrett (Barrett/Haverfield Complex) (single and double rooms only) Yes Yes
Bowen House No No
Bradley (Bradley-Paterson) Yes Yes
Canfield Hall Yes Yes
Fechko House (ASH House) (Hall Complex) No No
Hanley House (ASH House) (Hall Complex) No No
Haverfield (Barrett/Haverfield Cpx) (single and double rooms only) Yes Yes
Jones Tower (single rooms only) Yes Yes
Lawrence Tower Yes Yes
Lincoln Tower (single and double rooms only) Yes Yes
Mack Hall Yes Yes
Mendoza House (Scott/Norton/Mendoza Complex) No No
Morrill Tower (single and double rooms only) Yes Yes
Morrison Tower (a few rooms have university loftable) Yes Yes
Neil Building (Hall Complex) No No
Norton (Scott/Norton/Mendoza Cpx) (single and double rooms only) Yes Yes
Park-Stradley Hall No Yes
Paterson (Bradley-Paterson) Yes Yes
Pomerene House (ASH House) (Hall Complex) No No
Raney House No No
Scholars East (Hall Complex) No No
Scholars West (Hall Complex) No No
Scott House (Scott/Norton/Mendoza Complex) No No
Siebert Hall No Yes
Smith-Steeb Hall No Yes
Taylor Tower (single and double rooms only) Yes Yes
The Residence on 10th No No
Torres House (Torres/Archer Complex) No No
Worthington Building (Hall Complex) No No