Office of Student Life

What to Bring

May 13, 2024


As you prepare to move into your residence hall we would like to provide you with a list of things you might want to consider bringing with you. Included is also a list of items not permitted in residence hall rooms as well as items that come standard in all residence hall rooms. In mid-July when housing assignments and roommate contact information is emailed out we encourage you to contact your roommate(s) and discuss what each of you might be planning to bring so you can coordinate making your residence hall room your new home away from home!

It is advisable to protect personal belongings in the instance of flood, fire, theft or other unexpected events that may occur in or around university housing. I understand that Ohio State does not provide insurance coverage to student occupants and agree that I am responsible for my personal belongings and damages that result from either my purposeful or accidental actions. 

In order to reduce the financial burden of replacing personal belongings after such unexpected events, residents are strongly encouraged to obtain appropriate coverage, including renter’s insurance. Ohio State does not endorse any specific insurance company and recommends that you consult with your current insurance provider regarding appropriate coverage options, including renter’s insurance.