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Community Advisors

Community Advisors

Community Advisors are undergraduates, graduate-level or non-traditional students who contribute to the facility operation, resident support and administration of the Gateway, Buckeye Village or the Neil Building. Specifically, Community Advisors are responsible for assisting students in crisis, conducting community meetings, planning and implementing cultural, educational, social and informational programs, serving as a resource to residents, aiding students in transition, regular on-call duties as assigned, and assisting with the management of their residential community.

Please see job descriptions for the Gateway, Buckeye Village and the Neil Building as well as the additional information sheet for more details.

To be eligible for the CA position please note the following:

  • In order to be assigned to a Community Advisor position, a student must be enrolled as a full-time student and in good academic standing according to the standards of the graduate, undergraduate or professional program.  All grades are based on the University’s last published record (the previous grade report). If the student is new to Ohio State and does not yet have an academic record, student understands that eligibility may be considered based on the record from a previous institution. 
  • Students must maintain a 2.5 cumulative and semester GPA.  All grades are based on the University’s most recent record.         
  • Students must enroll for a minimum of eight (8) graduate hours (4 graduate hours in the summer) or twelve (12) undergraduate hours, with a maximum of sixteen (16) graduate credit hours or eighteen (18) undergraduate credit hours per semester. 
  • Students may not hold another university job position that is greater than 8 hours per week. 

For current RAs or students interested in the Community Advisor job, there will be one informational session on Sunday November 18th, 2018, at 8pm in the Neil Building (1578 Neil Avenue), in the conference room.

Current RAs (who will be undergraduates in the next academic year) who are interested in a CA role, will be considered during the Paraprofessional Transfer Process in December.  For current RAs who will graduate in Spring 2019, and any current non-OSU students interested in the CA role while attending graduate school at OSU, will need to apply during open applications during February 2019.   Please visit our page again for the application link!

If there are any additional mid-year openings, we will post the information about the application here.  The CA application for new applicants interested in the role for May or August 2019 through May 2020 will be post in early February 2019.