Creating the Extraordinary Student Experience: Office of Student Life

Franklin Court


1901 Apple Orchard Drive
Wooster, OH 44691

Hall Contact Information

  • Phone: (330) 287-7504
  • Summer Phone: (330) 287-7504


Air Conditioning ResNet Academic Year Housing
Microwave/Refrigerator Laundry Facilities (in complex) Own Trash Removal
Kitchen Facilities


Description not available.


2 Bedroom Apartment for 5 (Triple)

1021A 1023A 1025A
1026A 1027A 1028A
1031A 1032A 1034A
1036A 1045A 1047A
1054A 1056A 1057A
1058A 1059A 1060A
1061A 1062A 1063A
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2 Bedroom Apartment for 5 (Double)

1021B 1023B 1025B
1026B 1027B 1028B
1031B 1032B 1034B
1036B 1045B 1047B
1054B 1056B 1057B
1058B 1059B 1060B
1061B 1062B 1063B
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3 Bedroom Apartment for 5 (Single)

1019A 1024A 1033A
1038A 1055A 1069A
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3 Bedroom Apartment for 5 (Double)

1019B 1019C 1024B
1024C 1033B 1033C
1038B 1038C 1055B
1055C 1069B 1069C
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1 Bedroom Apartment for 1


2 Bedroom Apartment for 3 (Double)

1029A 1030A 1052A

1 Bedroom Apartment for 2

1043 1049 1051

2 Bedroom Apartment for 4 (ADA)

1050A 1050B 1064A
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PLEASE NOTE: Floor plans are only a representation of what your room will look like. There will be some differences between this representation and your actual room.