Creating the Extraordinary Student Experience: Office of Student Life

Franklin Court


1901 Apple Orchard Drive
Wooster, OH 44691

Hall Contact Information

  • Phone: (330) 287-7504
  • Summer Phone: (330) 287-7504


Air Conditioning ResNet Academic Year Housing
Microwave/Refrigerator Laundry Facilities (in complex) Own Trash Removal
Kitchen Facilities


Description not available.


3-bdrm apt for 4-single

1019A 1024A 1033A
1038A 1055A 1069A
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3-bdrm apt for 4-double

1019B 1019C 1024B
1024C 1033B 1033C
1038B 1038C 1055B
1055C 1069B 1069C
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1 Bedroom Apartment for 1


2 Bedroom Apartment for 3 (Double)

1029A 1030A 1052A

1 Bedroom Apartment for 2

1043 1049 1051
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2 Bedroom Apartment for 4 (ADA)

1050A 1050B 1064A
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2 Bedroom Apartment for 4

1021A 1021B 1023A
1023B 1025A 1025B
1026A 1026B 1027A
1027B 1028A 1028B
1031A 1031B 1032A
1032B 1034A 1034B
1036A 1036B 1045A
1045B 1047A 1047B
1054A 1054B 1056A
1056B 1057A 1057B
1058A 1058B 1059A
1059B 1060A 1060B
1061A 1061B 1062A
1062B 1063A 1063B
1067A 1067B
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PLEASE NOTE: Floor plans are only a representation of what your room will look like. There will be some differences between this representation and your actual room.