Creating the Extraordinary Student Experience: Office of Student Life

Worthington Building (limited availability)


203 West 10th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210

Hall Contact Information

  • Phone: 614-292-6637
  • Summer Phone: 614-292-6637


Single-gender room/suite; Mixed gender wing/floor Kitchen Facilities Laundry Facilities (in complex)
Suite/Room Bath Disability Access Vending Machines
Air Conditioning Study Areas Academic Year Housing
Microwave/Refrigerator ResNet Own Trash Removal


  • Worthington Worthington

Worthington is a five story residence hall with resident rooms on floors one through five. It is part of the William H. Hall Student Residential Complex and has the following features:

  • Apartment style with kitchens
  • Study/lounge space
  • Laundry facilities

STAFFING: Two Resident Advisors

HALL COUNCIL: Hall Complex Funding Board


2-bedroom apartment for 4 (Rate I)

0100A 0100B 0105A
0105B 0125A 0125B
0126A 0126B 0130A
0130B 0200A 0200B
0204A 0204B 0205A
0205B 0210A 0210B
0225A 0225B 0226A
0226B 0230A 0230B
0235A 0235B 0300A
0300B 0304A 0304B
0305A 0305B 0310A
0310B 0325A 0325B
0326A 0326B 0330A
0330B 0335A 0335B
0400A 0400B 0404A
0404B 0405A 0405B
0410A 0410B 0425A
0425B 0426A 0426B
0430A 0430B 0435A
0435B 0510A 0510B
0525A 0525B 0526A
Typical Floor Plan
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4/suite with bath & air-conditioning (Rate 1)

Typical Floor Plan
2D Floorplan Button 360 Degree Button

PLEASE NOTE: Floor plans are only a representation of what your room will look like. There will be some differences between this representation and your actual room.