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Residence Hall Closing Information

April 6, 2018


Closing Procedures

• The residence halls close promptly at 2 p.m. on Wednesday, May 2, 2018. All residents will be expected to remove themselves and all belongings from their room (and the building) by this time. Exceptions include graduating seniors, their siblings, members of the Marching Band, Office Assistants and students involved with Commencement. These students must contact the Student Life Housing Services office at 614-292-8266 to request late departure.

• Residents must contact Student Life Housing Services if they will not be able to check out by 2 p.m. on May 2. Residents will be contacted if their request is granted; merely contacting Housing does not guarantee that you will be allowed to stay late.

• No entry will be permitted to the building after it is closed.

Residents Responsibilities – Room Cleaning

The following are tasks to be completed prior to departure from the university:

• Clean, defrost, disconnect and leave micro-fridge doors open (to air out the unit). It is recommended that this be done a few days prior to moving out. Charges will be assessed for dirty micro-fridges.

• Remove all items from the building. This includes furniture, wall hangings and other items that residents have brought into the room during the year.

• Clean all university furniture. Dust the desks, dressers and cabinet spaces.

• Return furnishings to their original position within the room. Make sure all items have been removed from the walls and doors. This includes any type of adhesive you have used during the academic year. Products such as Goo Gone work great, but purchase it in advance as nearby stores tend to run out Move-out week. Because of the type of walls some residence halls will request that residents leave adhesives (i.e. command strips) to avoid damage to the drywall. Please check with your hall staff for specific instructions for your community.

• Vacuum, sweep and mop the floors.

• Take out all trash and recycling. Bins will be available in the lobbies of the residence halls to donate items that students do not want to take home. Large items like futons and chairs will be accepted in designated locations on May 1 and May 2.

• Make sure the residence hall room door has been cleared and cleaned. Residents who do not clean their room door will be billed per hour for cleaning. Additionally, any hinges that have been tampered with could be billed a minimum of $35 if they are not working.

• Turn off all lights.

• Do not leave anything on the floors or in the drawers.

• Close and lock all windows in the room.

• Close and lock the room door.

Specific Check-out Procedures for Residents

• You MUST have a Resident Advisor or another Residence Life staff member check you out once you have cleaned your room and removed ALL of your belongings. You are responsible for any damages that have occurred in the room since your arrival.

• Resident Advisors will have schedules placed outside their doors to check you out when you are ready. Residents must sign up at least 24-hours in advance. This will give consideration to the Resident Advisor who also has finals to prepare for during this busy period.

• After all belongings have been cleared from the room, residents must follow the aforementioned closing procedures. The Resident Advisor will confirm that the student is indeed ready to vacate the building by having the resident and staff signatures on the check-out form.

• If an RA shows up to check a resident out and they are not ready, they can be asked to reschedule or contact the desk for an RA on-call to perform the check-out.

• Return your keys and all completed paperwork to the hall desk. Residents will be charged for a lock change ($150) if they do not return their key.

• Student Life Housing will only forward mail for a short time before it is “returned to sender.” Know that forwarding takes longer than regular mail if they are expecting something. Also, be sure to update your address in Buckeyelink so any university mail is sent to the appropriate address for the summer.

• Residents must pay any outstanding debts to the University. Outstanding bills can delay receipt of grades, as well as impact registration for subsequent semesters. In addition, a debt to the university will delay diplomas, as well as prohibit students from requesting transcripts at a later date, receiving certain services from the University and other official business.

Special Notes for Residents

• Traffic will be congested on Tuesday and Wednesday. Residents are encouraged to leave before this time if possible. Be careful to follow all parking regulations while on campus. For information about fees related to parking, please visit The university cannot be responsible for vehicles that are ticketed or towed due to failing to follow the specified parking regulations or the direction of a traffic control officer. For specific traffic and parking information for each area please visit our Parking article.

• Carts will be available from the Front Desk. These are limited in number, so students should not wait for carts if none are available, they should consider moving smaller items out to their cars. Carts will be available with a driver’s license and if they are not returned on schedule (30 minutes) students will be billed for the cost of the cart.

• Student behavior meetings will be handled differently during the last week of the semester. Repeat offenders will be referred automatically to Student Life Student Conduct. Offensive or non-compliant actions may face immediate removal from the building.

• 24 hour Quiet Hours are in effect from Monday, April 23, at 11 p.m. until Tuesday, May 1, at 5 p.m. If a floor-mate or another resident approaches residents because of noise issues, we expect them to be respectful and respond to their request. Violations of quiet hours may result in them being asked to leave the building due to the disruption to the community.

• Due to the increased traffic in the building during move-out, theft is a potential concern to be aware of during this week. Students should keep their door locked at all times, and never leave items unattended in the hallways or throughout the hall.

• Residents are instructed to contact the Hall Director, Resident Advisor or the desk should they have additional questions regarding closing

• Students enrolled in summer classes wishing to stay on-campus during the summer should contact Student Life Housing Services to make arrangements. (614-292-8266)