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Exploration Learning Community

  • Exploration Learning Community
    Exploration Learning Community
  • Exploration LC students at dinner.
    Exploration LC students at dinner.
  • Exploration LC student.
    Exploration LC student.
  • Exploration LC
    Exploration LC


The Exploration Learning Community connects students who are interested in exploring themselves, academic major possibilities, The Ohio State University and Columbus. As students work to decide on a major and explore possible career paths, it is important that students develop recognition of their strengths, values and identities while also appreciating the community in which they live. Within the Exploration Learning Community, there are several opportunities for this discovery to occur.

This program supports first-year students within the University Exploration program and first-year students who want to explore options and develop plans to meet their academic, personal and career aspirations.

Priority will be given to first-year students who are enrolled in University Exploration. Students from outside University Exploration who are nonetheless engaged in the spirit of exploration are also welcome.

 Learning Community Highlights

  • Weekly in-hall academic advising with a University Exploration advisor, including an introduction to campus resources that support in- and out-of-classroom skill building.
  • After hours in-hall Academic Advising with a University Exploration advisor: evening advising opportunity to conveniently accommodate students' schedules.
  • Conversations with faculty members from various disciplines to discuss different career paths and tips for academic success.
  • Discussions about personal strengths using leadership assessment surveys.
  • Service within the Columbus community and exploration of the arts and local business districts.
  • Early arrival program helping students get a jumpstart on developing a network of support on-campus and on incorporating strengths and interests into their personal development journey at Ohio State, including major exploration.

How to Apply (New First-Year Students)

  • Students interested in being a member of the Exploration Learning Community should complete the Learning Community Application by April 15, 2021. No late applications will be accepted. You do not have to wait until you are accepted to Ohio State and/or receive your housing contract to apply. 
  • Housing Contracts are sent to your Ohio State email account based upon your paid acceptance to the University beginning in March.
  • Please make sure your contract and space reservation fee are received no later than May 29, 2021 in order to ensure your eligibility to participate in a Learning Community. 
  • On your contract, please make sure you select North Campus as your requested area of residence.
  • Please note that all students in Learning Communities are required to reside in a space within the Learning Community and live with other Learning Community participants. Learning Community students may only request roommates accepted into the same LC.

Screen Reader Accessibility Note

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