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Newark Apartments


600 & 800 LeFevre Boulevard
Newark, OH 43055

Hall Contact Information

  • Phone: 740-364-7700
  • Summer Phone: 740-364-7700


Single-gender room/suite; Mixed gender wing/floor Kitchen Facilities Academic Year Housing
Suite/Room Bath ResNet On site parking
Air Conditioning Laundry Facilities (in complex) Own Trash Removal


Description not available.


Efficiency apartment for 2

Typical Floor Plan
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3-bedroom apartment for 6

103A 103B 103C
105A 105B 105C
107A 107B 107C
109A 109B 109C
111A 111B 111C
112A 112B 113C
114A 114B 114C
116A 116B 116C
118A 118B 118C
120A 120B 120C
203A 203B 203C
205A 205B 205C
207A 207B 207C
209A 209B 209C
211A 211B 211C
212A 212B 212C
214A 214B 214C
216A 216B 216C
218A 218B 218C
220A 220B 220C
Typical Floor Plan
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2-bedroom apartment for 4

104A 104B 106A
106B 108A 108B
110A 110B 113A
113B 115A 115B
117A 117B 119A
119B 202A 202B
210A 210B 213A
213B 215A 215B
217A 217B 219A
Typical Floor Plan
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PLEASE NOTE: Floor plans are only a representation of what your room will look like. There will be some differences between this representation and your actual room.