Creating the Extraordinary Student Experience: Office of Student Life

The Residence on Tenth (limited availability)


230 West 10th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210

Hall Contact Information

  • Phone: 614-292-8448
  • Summer Phone: 614-292-8448


Single-gender room/suite; Mixed gender wing/floor Disability Access Bike Room Accessible
Suite/Room Bath Study Areas Academic Year Housing
Air Conditioning ResNet Lounge space
Microwave/Refrigerator Laundry Facilities (in complex) Own Trash Removal
Kitchen Facilities Vending Machines


  • Residences at 10th & Neil Residences at 10th & Neil
  • The Residence on Tenth The Residence on Tenth

The Residence on Tenth is reserved for upperclass students.  It is a six story residence hall with resident rooms on floors one through six. It is part of the William H. Hall Student Residential Complex and has the following features:

  • Hall Desk staffed to respond to resident's inquiries and check out supplies, vacuums, etc.
  • Study/lounge space on each floor
  • Kitchen facilities
  • Laundry facilities
  • Indoor bicycle storage available
  • Dining Services adjacent to facility

STAFFING: Fifteen Resident Advisors

HALL COUNCIL: F.U.N. (Fabulous Unique Neighborhood)


2/rm-3-rm suite-shared bath&lounge & a/c (Rate I)

140A 140B 140C
150A 150B 150C
160A 160B 160C
170A 170B 170C
190A 190B 190C
210A 210B 210C
220A 220B 220C
221A 221B 221C
225A 225B 225C
230A 230B 230C
240A 240B 240C
250A 250B 250C
255A 255B 255C
260A 260B 260C
265A 265B 265C
270A 270B 270C
271A 271B 271C
275A 275B 275C
277A 277B 277C
285A 285B 285C
290A 290B 290C
310A 310B 310C
320A 320B 320C
321A 321B 321C
325A 325B 325C
330A 330B 330C
340A 340B 340C
350A 350B 350C
355A 355B 355C
360A 360B 360C
365A 365B 365C
370A 370B 370C
371A 371B 371C
375A 375B 375C
377A 377B 377C
385A 385B 385C
390A 390B 390C
410A 410B 410C
420A 420B 420C
421A 421B 421C
425A 425B 425C
430A 430B 430C
440A 440B 440C
450A 450B 450C
455A 455B 455C
460A 460B 460C
465A 465B 465C
470A 470B 470C
471A 471B 471C
475A 475B 475C
477A 477B 477C
485A 485B 485C
490A 490B 490C
510A 510B 510C
520A 520B 520C
521A 521B 521C
525A 525B 525C
530A 530B 530C
540A 540B 540C
550A 550B 550C
555A 555B 555C
560A 560B 560C
565A 565B 565C
570A 570B 570C
571A 571B 571C
575A 575B 575C
577A 577B 577C
585A 585B 585C
590A 590B 590C
610A 610B 610C
620A 620B 620C
621A 621B 621C
625A 625B 625C
630A 630B 630C
640A 640B 640C
650A 650B 650C
655A 655B 655C
660A 660B 660C
665A 665B 665C
670A 670B 670C
671A 671B 671C
675A 675B 675C
677A 677B 677C
685A 685B 685C
690A 690B 690C
Typical Floor Plan
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2/room w/room bath & a/c (Rate I)

249 349 449
549 649  
Typical Floor Plan
2D Floorplan Button 360 Degree Button

PLEASE NOTE: Floor plans are only a representation of what your room will look like. There will be some differences between this representation and your actual room.