Creating the Extraordinary Student Experience: Office of Student Life

Mission and Values


We aim to aid students in creating the iconic Buckeye experience by focusing on their holistic development, as students strive towards being open minded and engaged global citizens.


Using an educational approach, we enhance the intellectual and social development of all studentsby providing a community-focused learning environment.


Community Empowerment: We seek to engage students and staff in creating individual and group settings in which respect and dignity are maintained through engaging dialogue and addressing incidents of bias in a timely and consistent manner.

Intellectual Curiosity: We encourage all to seek academic, personal, and professional interests in and out of the classroom, while engaging students, staff and faculty in dialogue to continually question knowledge, assumptions, and perspectives.

Foster Belonging: We provide communities where individuals of all identities, unique backgrounds, and experiences are believed, cared for, and empowered, while advancing positive social change.

Holistic Wellness: We assist individuals through the successes and challenges of intrapersonal and interpersonal well-being throughout one’s collegiate experience.