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Certified peer tutors provide free drop-in tutoring in math, physics, chemistry, biology and more through  online appointments.

Need help in other subjects?

Our tutors can provide assistance in a variety of classes, including Statistics and Biology. Email us at with your questions and we will work to pair you with one of our tutors or connect you with other services across campus. 

Drop-in Locations will not be operational for the first few weeks of the semester, but more online tutoring will be made available. Please revisit this page for updates on in-person tutoring.

Online Tutoring Appointments

Use Oncourse to schedule your appointment at

Scheduling an Online Peer Tutoring Appointment - For more details, use the Appointment Guide document on the right of this page.

  1. Sign in to your Oncourse account:
  2. Click the blue Schedule Appointment Button. 
  3. Select Tutoring as the type of appointment and Residence Life Online Peer Tutoring as the department and location.
  4. Select your subject (Math, Chemistry or Physics), your tutor, and your appointment time based on their availability.
  5. Double-check your appointment details.*Please note, some of our tutors are available for certain levels of math, physics, and chemistry. Check the description of the appointment before confirming to ensure the peer tutor can meet your tutoring needs. If you have question about your appointment, please email us at
  6. Confirm your appointment and set a reminder for yourself. When it's time for your tutoring session, click the link provided to meet your tutor via Carmen Zoom. You can check your appointment status and details on Oncourse or in your confirmation email.

What to bring to your tutoring session

All online tutoring sessions will be held via Carmen Zoom. Please use the link provided in your appointment summary and confirmation email to access your tutoring appointment. 

We recommend using a laptop, tablet, or smartphone with a stable internet connection. Please make sure your device has audio capability or you are able to call into the session. We highly recommend using the video feature on zoom for the peer tutor to best communicate with you during the session.

If you have additional questions about zoom, please visit the Ohio State Carmen Zoom page at or contact Peer Tutoring at

Additionally, please come prepared with any resources you have (class notes, textbook, etc.) that you may want to use.

Our Peer Tutors

Our peer tutors are upper-class students who have demonstrated aptitude and success in math and science. Each peer tutor completes a training certified by the College Reading and Learning Association. 

If you are struggling with a specific subject, peer tutors can access a list of completed coursework and a corresponding schedule of other peer tutors to assist you. Although we only guarantee services in some of the introductory Math, Chemistry and Physics, many of our tutors are able to help with more advanced levels or other subjects. Check with our tutors or feel free to email us at for specific subject availability by tutor.

It is reasonable to expect that tutors will help with the following:

  • Answer questions
  • Review concepts that may have been confusing in class
  • Let you practice your own work
  • Let you complete your own homework
  • Provide you with strategies that will help you work independently

Tutors will NOT provide you with answers or do homework for you.

Cancellation and No Show Policy

If you need to cancel your appointment, please do so using Oncourse with as much notice as possible. Tutors will be available on the call until 30 minutes into your scheduled time. If you do not show for your appointment within the first 30 minutes and have not cancelled ahead of time, we will document the situation and reserve the right to decline future tutoring with you after 3 missed appointments.

If you have any questions about our services, please email us at

Interested in becoming a tutor? More information at Application process will reopen in Spring 2021.

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