Creating the Extraordinary Student Experience: Office of Student Life

Campus Change Students (2023 H.S. Grads)

Students changing from a regional campus to the Columbus Campus who graduated from high school in 2023 are required to live on campus.  You should contact the Student Life Housing and Residence Education office to request a housing contract.

You'll be able to access your contract online; it is important to fully read the Terms and Conditions of your housing contract, as it is a legally binding document that remains in effect for the entire academic year.  The online contract process includes the following:

  • Electronically sign the Residence Hall Contract
  • Select a dining plan (all residential students are required to have a dining plan)
  • Indicate preferences for area of campus and housing rate, visitation patterns and living-learning community requests
  • Share a little bit about personal habits - if you have a health concern or disability that requires special assignment, please work with Student Life Disability Services
  • Provide vaccination information
  • Pay filing and space reservation fees (If under the age of 18, the signature page will need to be printed, signed and returned with the payment for the filing fee and space reservation fee.)

The contracts are typically due two weeks after the email is sent to you. A confirmation of receipt will be sent to your Ohio State e-mail address. Typically, assignment information will be sent around mid-July for fall semester and late December for spring contracts.