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Molyet Village Apartments


1365 Springmill Road
Mansfield, OH 44903

Hall Contact Information

  • Phone: (419) 747-8500
  • Summer Phone: (419) 747-8500


Suite/Room Bath Kitchen Facilities Academic Year Housing
Air Conditioning ResNet Own Trash Removal
Microwave/Refrigerator Laundry Facilities (in complex)


Description not available.


5 Bedroom Apartment for 5

102A 102B 102C
102D 102E 228A
228B 228C 228D
228E 229A 229B
229C 229D 229E
230A 230B 230C
230D 230E 231A
231B 231C 231D
231E 236A 236B
236C 236D 236E
237A 237B 237C
237D 237E  
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2 Bedroom Apartment for 2

110A 110B 111A
111B 120A 120B
121A 121B 122A
122B 123A 123B
126A 126B 127A
127B 128A 128B
129A 129B 130A
130B 131A 131B
132A 132B 133A
133B 134A 134B
135A 135B 136A
136B 137A 137B
220A 220B 221A
221B 222A 222B
223A 223B  
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2 Bedroom Apartment for 4

124A 124B 125A
125B 224A 224B
225A 225B  
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5 Bedroom Apartment for Six (Single Room)

103A 103B 103C
103D 104A 104B
104C 104D 105A
105B 105C 105D
106A 106B 106C
106D 107A 107B
107C 107D 108A
108B 108C 108D
109A 109B 109C
109D 201A 201B
201C 201D 202A
202B 202C 202D
203A 203B 203C
203D 204A 204B
204C 204D 205A
205B 205C 205D
206A 206B 206C
206D 207A 207B
207C 207D 208A
208B 208C 208D
209A 209B 209C
209D 210A 210B
210C 210D
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5 Bedroom Apartment for 6 (Double Room)

103E 104E 105E
106E 107E 108E
109E 201E 202E
203E 204E 205E
206E 207E 208E
209E 210E  
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PLEASE NOTE: Floor plans are only a representation of what your room will look like. There will be some differences between this representation and your actual room.